Zimbra 5 takes a step closer with beta 3

Andy spotted this morning that Zimbra 5 is getting closer to be officially released. Zimbra is the well known email platform that pushes both the browser and the server to the hilt.

Many improvements are coming in this release, namely better filters and the ability to share IMAP folders with chums in the office. This is going to be very handy, and a feature that brings it up to what MS Exchange had years ago.

Another big surprise, and to the relief of many a system administrator, is that Apache Tomcat is out. Instead Jetty is the new underlying servlet engine that will make the whole thing tick. I have long ditched Tomcat in favor of Jetty; principal reasons include much faster start up time, lower memory usage and a darn sight easier to configure. I really get bored when I look at a Tomcat installation and think to myself, there is more to life than this endless directory/xml file nonsense.

If you do a search on the Zimbra forums you will notice a number of posts from yours truly, as Tomcat gave a wobble when I was away on holiday in Spain, causing my email server no end of grief. After tinkering with some of the catalina settings I managed to keep it up. I for one welcome the Jetty inclusion.

Check out the beta here


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