Your WIKI awaits - WIKI at Blog-City gets even better!

How can you improve on perfection they say? Well you should always try!

We have just updated our integrated WIKI with a feature suggested by one of our users that seems so obvious now, but at the time we purposely didn't permit it.

We didn't want the WIKI to become a major source of spam, with people adding and messing around with content that they shouldn't. So from the start we added in registration/approval so the blog/site administrator could control the access.

But now, we've permitted the administrator, to mark certain pages in their WIKI as completely free-form, allowing anyone to edit the content without prior approval.

If there was no spam in the world, this would be the purest form of WIKI; no boundaries, no restrictions. Sadly though, we do live in the real world and we must work with those that choose to operate at its fringes.

Our WIKI is also storing revisions of previous edits which we'll be releasing an interface to that historical data very soon.

But for the moment, your WIKI awaits!


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