Blog-City adds a full blown WIKI to every blog

With the dawn of Spring upon us, we are proud to announce the addition of a full blown WIKI to all blogs here at Blog-City and our reseller/branding partners.

Available now, the WIKI is a complete free form content management system allowing groups of authors to quickly edit and organize content.  With a syntax based on the popular MediaWiki markup, the learning curve to start utilizing the WIKI should be minimal, especially for those already well versed in editing mainstream WIKI's such as WikiPedia.  We've included a WIKI editor to make sure everyone can get involved in the WIKI revolution.

In addition, specialized macros have been created to allow for the easy insertion of rich media from external resources, including YouTube.

You can control who has write/edit access to your WIKI by simply and quickly authorizing them by their email.  Upon invitation an email goes out to the person detailing their rights.

The WIKI has been fully integrated with the blog, allowing one to place customized widgets on the main blog detailing the latest updated pages from their WIKI.  Quickly create limitless number of WIKI pages all with their own "Discuss" page attached, tracking the number of reads and edits.

The inclusion of a WIKI within a blog may seem at first glance a strange pairing, but we've been moving the blogging boundary away from traditional journal type entries to a full blown one stop shop for all your content management requirements.  The inclusion of a WIKI rounds out the rich additions to our main blog site, including multi-threaded forums, web pages, multi-level authoring and email hosting.

The WIKI has been a much asked for feature, particularly from groups and individuals who have been utilizing their blog for managing group projects (such as open source projects).  This allows them to easily create documentation that doesn't naturally fit within the blog entry model.


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