What was going on in Amsterdam this morning?

I was staying in Amsterdam for the Holland Open Source Conference and got up early to catch a flight home.  On the walk from the hotel to Central Station I stumbled upon this scene shown in the photographs below.  They (whoever 'they' are) had two lines of furniture laid out across the whole street and had set alight to them.  They all stood around dressed in black, with many of them having their faces covered up.  It was a demonstration of something I guess, but while it looked all very violent with many people standing around, they made no threatening gestures, quite happy for me to get in there and do some clicking.

There was no police pressence at this point in the game, so I imagine it had just got started. This was around the 0630 in the morning time frame.  I continued walking and noticed some police cars moving to the scene, but there was no sense of urgency about them, no flashing sirens or blue lights. I have kept an eye on the dutch news but nothing has been reported about this.  Any one know what was going on?


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