Making VLC multicast work with multiple network cards

Having recently attached my new ADSL router to a Linux box, this now gives me a backup line to the internet should the main line go down.  In reality its more than just a backup as certain traffic is routed out that gateway.

My wife and I, upon an evening, often watch something together, but apart while we work away on our respective machines.  However, upon firing up VLC and starting to play, I was alarmed to get a message from "her down stairs" that nothing was coming through.  Bugger.

The only thing that had changed on that machine was the inclusion of another network device, namely the ppp0 device.  The issue was that there was no default route for the multicast stream to go; it wasn't leaving the machine.

Therefore I had to add an explicit route to the routing table to make sure the multicast stream made it out onto the local area network and NOT the ppp0 connection.  This was easily done by running:
    # route add -net netmask dev eth0
This covers all the multicast addresses and pushes them out onto the LAN sitting off eth0.   Got the thumbs up from downstairs that all is well again.


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