Further consolidation in the VM space as Oracle signs letter of intent

Oracle has signalled its intentions to official court the virtual machine company, Virtual Iron, by signing a letter of intent. Sources cite, that this will most likely be a deal to help Oracle round out its own virtualization efforts, Oracle VM.

By in large Oracle's offering in this space is being dwarfed by the likes of VMWare, Microsoft, and now Redhat. So while, Virtual Iron claim to be the 5th largest VM player in the world, as Bill Hicks once noted, "once you take out the top [3] there is a huge tail off to the next one".

Oracle Databases

My own personal experience with Virtual Iron has only be through FlexiScale which was hand on heart completely awful. It's performance in terms of disk I/O and network I/O was completely awful and I know the engineers at FlexiScale struggled to keep the thing performing. They have since moved away from that platform. That said, GoGrid utilises Virtual Iron technology for their cloud offering, and we've had good performance there.

Oracle has a history of taking technologies in-house, rebranding them, and by the time they come out the other end, what was once an excellent niche product, is an animal with more marketing hype around it that it is no use to anyone. I cite, their J2EE application server and their Java IDE as two classic examples.


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