Amazon ex-employee looks to cloud telephony applications

Eric Engleman from TechFlash is reporting that Jeff Lawson, ex Product Manager of Amazon Web Services, is in the early stages of a new startup company aimed at providing on-demand scalable telephony services to companies.

Twilio is looking to take the same usage model that has made Amazon's Web Services so popular and apply it to the world of telephony. Automated call reminders will be able to be generated and managed for example.

Details are somewhat sketchy on what exact services will be offered, as initially it does sound like a bit of a telephonic spam engine. Hopefully though they will be able to turn it around and offer inbound services as well.

Any user of the popular open source PABX Asterisk software knows how powerful having fine grained control over your own telephony can hold. From voice menus, to custom roaming, the power of the telephone can once again be achieved if presented in a very easily digestible and customizable form.

Currently in private beta, Twilio will be launched in the next coming weeks, and then we'll see where we can add telephony in the cloud stack.


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