Going to London - Train is 474% more expensive than Car

Both myself and Andy have to pop down to London on Thursday for a couple of meetings. We are approximately 380 miles away from the nations capital, and it takes approximately 5 to 6 hrs in the car, or 5 hrs on the train.

Our government wants us all off the road and push more of us on the trains as it removes congestion and eases stress on the road network. Environmentally I am sure the train probably wins out a little more.

The plan is to take down my wifes Mercedes A class car up and down and that will cost us approximately £70 in fuel. Very efficient little car, and we'll have the benefit of going under our steam and timetable, and all the music we want to play without annoying a single person.

For shits'n'giggles I priced the same journey on our national train network.

£166 EACH it was going to cost. So in total, the train is going to cost £332 compared to the car at £70! See for yourself, you will note that is the cheapest ticket, we could splash out up to £708 each!

Ah, but thats the price you pay for booking late I hear you cry. So I performed a little experiment. I plugged in the exact same journey but for 3 weeks later at the end of the month, same price popped out. Also don't let the link "Singles from £33" fool you; that results in no trains for that price on that day. That must be there for hope!

So for all the pontification from our government, the fact remains, that they simply do not want us to use the national rail network.


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