It's tough being a speaker for O'Reillys EuroOSCON

My EuroStar tickets arrived the other morning, hotel confirmation all set, and my 9 hour round trip car journey is all planned.  Quite a trek eh?  All for a 40 minute session!

Yup 40 minutes!  What on earth can you take away from a session that is only 40minutes?  It use to be 55 minutes, then it was cut to 50 minutes and yesterday I got word it was now down to 40minutes!  And here is the real kicker, they recommend you leave 10minutes for questions, so really that puts me down to a 30minute talk!

Not only that, looking at the schedule, they have put my session up against one of the lead guys from Google!  So I suspect that will be at least me and probably James Davidson who will pop in and take some photographs and then bugger off again.  So it will just be me!

Seriously debating at this precise moment if it's going to be worth it.  To say my heart isn't really in it is an understatement.  Not sure what is going with the conference this year, it wasn't like this last year.  The only thing I can think of is that they are trying to squeeze more sessions in to an already packed schedule.  The people that suffer is the attendees; not getting enough time to discover a topic indepth.

I will be talking about BlackBadger at the Netherlands Java User Group next month, where by I get a full hour! Whoopie.  Time for some cool demo's, time to show what you can do, time to do what you are suppose to in a session.


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