BBC Top Gear in America

The BBC programme Top Gear is a wonderful piece of programming airing every Sunday evening on BBC2. While this is a motoring series, it has managed to mix humour and mirth in a package that is appealing to non "petrol heads" aka, girls! My wife really enjoys it and its one of the few programmes we make an effort to sit down and enjoy together.

So you can imagine my surprise and delight that I found an episode of Top Gear airing here in the US. But its a slightly different edited version. It has Clarkson, May and Hammond talking to the camera, introducing montages for the "American Audience". Discovery channel claims its "All brand new Top Gear" but the pieces they are showing I know for a fact is at least a year old.

Now, when I say it has been cut, I mean it has been seriously cut and dumbed down. The humour is lost and naturally all the digs at the American's have been removed. The very essense of this classic has removed.

Come on Auntie Beeb, give the yanks the full Top Gear; warts and all.


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