The Great 3SkypePhone give away competition

Do you fancy your own free 3Skypephone? Well, 3MobileBuzz are running a competition where you can grab yourself a number of handsets for absolutely nothing.

The only catch is, you have to tell them why you want one!

Be it a blog post, Flickr photo album or something even a little more creative, a YouTube posting, just let them know why you are the most deserving person for a free number of handsets.

Here be the 'official' rules bit:

The only rules are: the content needs to be original, not ripped off an insignificant YouTuber (we’ll know because you have to tag all your videos 3mobilebuzzcomp1!), and the URL of the site which brought the competition to entrants attention needs to be included on the entry email. The deadline for submissions is midday on Monday 17th December. Entries must be sent to the hallowed keeper of prizes, enforcer of rules and judge of all,

Good luck! You just might get the little bugger before Christmas, depending on how wet your creative juices are! I am not involved in the judging incidentally, which is a shame, as I am not beyond a little bribery!


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