Blog-City launches its new beta template system

We've completed a major undertaking to the way we present and publish our blogs. We've launched the ability for people to get right down to the raw HTML and fiddle to their hearts content with the make up of the pages that we publish.

This allows you to really evolve your blog into something rather special and unique. We've developed a very flexible, yet simple, tagging system that lets you place and work with content as you wish.

To jump start things, we are also supporting the importing of Blogger (Classic) templates, allowing users to hook into the large library of free and stunning looking creations floating around in various places over the Internet.

Some of the transformations that our bloggers have been producing has been nothing short of amazing. We've had the template system in alpha for a few weeks, and we'd like to thank our alpha test group for their work in helping us iron out the problems and evolve the tag language into something the majority would find easy.

Grab a 30 day free trial account now and have fun!


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