Dedicated Skype phone continues to impress

So we are on Day#2 of the 3's SkypePhone usage. One of the nicest touches that 3 have done with the handset is the inclusion of a USB connection. Infact, it is the ONLY connection on the device.

The reason is that this serves many purposes. First and foremost you charge the device through this, using any USB cable. This for travellers will be a welcomed boom since its one less cable to carry. The Blackberry have done this for years and I can't tell you how many times I have had to borrow someone's PC/laptop during a meeting for a quick top it. Painless.

The phone ships with a set of headphones and intergrated microphone that also connects to the USB port. This actually will no doubt prove useful away from the device as it finds its way plugged into your laptop.

They recommend logging out of Skype before you go on the move with this phone. However, I have since discovered this is not a necessity. I was chatting on Skype on my desktop PC, and when I went to the 3SkypePhone, its all there for me on the handset. Nice touch, even if it is a fluke of the software!

Some small grumbles have surfaced, and ironically they are more aimed at the phone as opposed to Skype. I cannot tell what my telephone number (unless I ring someone who has CallerID turned on), and more importantly, I do not seem to have a way to determine how much credit is left on the phone. Will the handset suddenly stop working and demand money or will I get a warning. Let's find out!

You can read more about this handset here


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