USB VoIP handset for Skype from eBAY

USB SpeakphoneSkype seems to be featuring in my daily working day a lot more than it use to.  The quality of the speech is on the whole very good with only the odd drop-out every so often.  My father is even using Skype now which is kinda cool, considering this is a man that struggles with sending a simple email.

I had always wondered about a specific handset.  Up till now I was using the Logitech Webcam as my microphone and a normal set of speakers for my output.  Naturally my callers complained of echo, or at least those that were polite enough to say.  Whilst surfing on eBAY I started to explore all the options open to me.

I wanted a speakerphone - I like the fact I can standup and have a conversation, and walk around the room.  I looked around on eBAY and discovered this traditional looking handset and while looking at the specifications it looked too good to be true.  As it was only £14.99 it really wasn't going to be a costly mistake if it turned out to be a dog.

I placed my bid and within 24hours, the handset was in my hands, or on my desktop.  Major kudos to the eBay seller.

So how does it perform?   Perfectly!  Installation was a breeze with absolutely no problems.  The handset comes with a display on it, that shows you a variety of information about the call in progress.  There is no external power required, its all taken from the USB cable.  The handset itself is comfortable and the call quality very clear.  The handset has its own volume settings that you can adjust during the call.  The speaker phone is very clear with no echo being reported from my test subject.  Incoming Skype calls, now churp my handset instead of taking over my desktop.

On the whole, very happy with my purchase, so much so, I am about to purchase another one for my wife.

Check out the sellers eBAY shop; a highly recommended experience:


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