A Simple Java class for Amazon SimpleSQS

With such a beautiful service such as the Amazon Simple Queue Service, it shouldn't be wrapped up with a lot of complicated layers of classes for utilizing. That is why I developed the simple POJO, single class method for utilising Amazon SQS from within Java.

This class offers access to the SQS service through simple Java method calls, with no dependency on external libraries for anything.

Running from a 1.5 JDK onwards, this class can be easily plugged into any existing Java application and put to work instantly.

Key Features:

  • No external dependencies
  • Single POJO
  • Full API support; CreateQueue, DeleteQueue, ListQueues, DeleteMessage, SendMessage, ReceiveMessage, GetAttributes, ChangeMessageVisibility, AddPermission, RemovePermission
  • Signature2 authentication
  • Error Reporting
  • Public Domain license

This is how easy it is to use:

SimpleSQS sqs = new SimpleSQS( amzID, amzKey );
List<String> queues = sqs.listQueues();

What more can I say, but it works! If you need access to SimpleSQS and you don't want all the fluff and nonsense associated with some of the more complicated libraries, then this class may work for you. This class has been integrated into the core OpenBlueDragon.

September 2009 - updated here


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