Amazon SimpleDB + SQS : Simple Java POJO Access

I have made some updates to the two classes I released that let you access Amazon's SimpleDB and SQS services.

SimpleDB features

  • No external dependencies
  • Single POJO
  • Full API support; CreateDomain, DeleteDomain, DomainMetaData, select, GetAttributes, PutAttributes, BatchPutAttributes, DeleteAttributes
  • NextToken support
  • Signature2 authentication
  • Error Reporting
  • Last Request ID and BoxUsage reporting

SimpleSQS features

  • No external dependencies
  • Single POJO
  • Full API support; CreateQueue, DeleteQueue, ListQueues, DeleteMessage, SendMessage, ReceiveMessage, GetAttributes, ChangeMessageVisibility, AddPermission, RemovePermission
  • Signature2 authentication
  • Error Reporting
  • Public Domain license

Error Reporting has improved across both classes. I have also changed the HTTP method for SimpleDB when pushing content up to Amazon from GET to a POST. This lets you post more data than the previous GET URL length would permit.

More significantly, I have removed the dependency for Sun's Base64 encoding class, allowing these simple classes to be used within Google's AppEngine infrastructure.

To ease deployment, I have added both classes to a single .ZIP that you can download in its entirety. As before they require no external JAR files, and do not require each other, so you can simple delete the one you are not interested in. As before, all files are in the public domain, so no warranty, no assurances, just a whole bunch of good will and faith. Enjoy.

I will keep this entry updated with all future changes.

download here (September 2009 - 24KB)


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