A Simple Java class for Amazon SimpleDB

Last October, I released an updated version of the simple Java class for accessing all the methods of Amazon's SimpleDB web service. This class also forms the basis of the Amazon methods within OpenBlueDragon.

However, since then Amazon has made a few updates to this service including killing off some methods that will no longer be supported in the upcoming months. I took the opportunity and completely rewrote the class to better handle the new API and also give the Java developer a much cleaner access model.

Key Features:

  • No external dependencies
  • Single POJO
  • Full API support; CreateDomain, DeleteDomain, DomainMetaData, select, GetAttributes, PutAttributes, BatchPutAttributes, DeleteAttributes
  • NextToken support
  • Signature2 authentication
  • Error Reporting
  • Last Request ID and BoxUsage reporting

This is how easy it is to use:

SimpleDB sDb = new SimpleDB( amzID, amzKey );
List<Map> results = "select * from mydomain" );

What more can I say, but it works! If you need access to SimpleDB and you don't want all the fluff and nonsense associated with some of the more complicated libraries, then this class may work for you. This class has been integrated into the core OpenBlueDragon.

September 2009 - updated here


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