Shoes, Porn and MP3 players -- Is the UK becoming a nanny state?

Do you ever wonder how we survived?  How did our parents ever cope?  The number of laws, rules and regulations being placed on us seem to be increasing and with no real logic behind them.  We seem to be viewed by our Government as people that are incapable of independent thought, ill equiped to know what is right and what is wrong, and definitely not responsible for the safe and well being of our children.  Where does this leave us?

Let us start off with some censorship, because nothing gets the do-gooders jumping up and down than a good dose of naked flesh. Last Wednesday, the UK updated its law to outlaw the viewing of violent and extreme pornography pictures from the Internet.  Okay on the face of it you would think that would be a good thing.  But scratch a little closer and you soon discover that this particular law covers a LOT of ground and since there is no technical definition of what is "[..] violence that appears to be life threatening or likely to result in serious, disabling injury" is will be left to a jury to decide each persons fate. 

Let us not discuss the large and consensual BDSM community that is up in arms (well those that are actually untied!) but taking a photo of your loved one in handcuffs would now run you risk of 3 years hospitality at her Majesties pleasure.  There are various movements to lobby the Government on this ludicrous law and I wish them all the best.  Interesting enough, it is not yet law in Scotland!

But where did this law come from?  Well it was sparked by the tragic murder of a young girl in England, whom it was discovered that the murderer was addicted to Internet pornography. The response? let's ban all the extreme Internet porn and everyone will live happily ever after!  No, sadly it doesn't work like that.  But there are people out there that think it is that simple; and we have them making our laws! 

 Following the same logic, the rapist that got life imprisonment today was addicted to womens shoes , so should we ban all womens shoes incase there is another sick and twisted bastard out there?  People on the whole know what is right from wrong, and to treat us all with the same low benchmark is simply unfair.  The majority of these images I do not care for myself, but I do not want those that wish to enjoy them in the comfort and privacy of their own home to be treated as criminals.  There are groups of pornagraphy we need to outlaw, child for example, but when we have consenting adults doing what consenting adults do, then where is the harm?

Another example of where we are deemed unsuitable to think for ourselves is in the case of the poor MP3 player, although why the MP3 player is being singled and not the humble walkman is still a mystery (although nothing grabs the headlines like the latest and greatest gadgets turning out to be a breeding ground for evil!).  It would appear now that we are incapable of knowing when the volume is too loud.  Did you know that if you turn it up too loud it may actually hurt some peoples hears? Shocker eh?  Surely it doesn't take a genius to work that out?

Well according to the Royal National Institute for Deaf People MP3 players should now carry warnings telling us of this danger. What about personal responsibility?  If you are that stupid that you will deafen your own hearing then I am sorry, there many more pitfalls out there in life waiting for you than the humble music player.  Life will get you at some point.  Can we let Darwin do its thing?  We are teaching our children that if something doesn't a have warning label on it and something bad happens, then its the devices fault, not yours.

We can't shield people from everything - we have to live.  Make decisions for ourselves.  Make our own mistakes.  If you are of a personality where you can fixate on a single thing and turn that into killing motive then no amount of laws will help you, and more importantly us.  Will stopping extreme Internet pornography stop someone from killing another young woman?  I very much doubt it, the sheer logistics of stopping this volume of data entering the country just staggers belief.  But yet, the papers claim a moral victory.

A moral victory?  for whom may I ask?


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