My Wife - The Sheep Rescuer

When you live out in the country there are certain things you have to be aware of. For example, electricity can go out for hours or even days at a time and sheep often find themselves flat on their back, pretending to be dead!

Due to their weight, a sheep that rolls over can often find themselves, legs pointing straight in the air, completely stranded. Now interestingly enough, while sheep do tend to herd together, they seem to be quite happy to leave one of their own, stranded like this. They can and do die in this position.

My wife, whom I tease as a city girl, once proclaimed to having helped a tipped sheep rectify itself earlier in the year. Yesterday afternoon, another one was spotted out the back, on its back, feet sticking to the stars. My wife, ditches the sausage sandwich, pulls on her coat, jumps the fence and proceeds to go and rescue the beast.

The animal was soon righted again and took a moment to figure out it was indeed the right way round again and then trotted off to be with the very group of sheep that ignored its pleas for help!

So while sheep are obviously a very fickle social group, my wife is now officially a country girl! WOO HOO


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