Secret to advertising; know your target audience

The male demographic is generally an easy one to entice. Fundamentally you start with breasts and just continue from there to whatever your product actually is. Car manufacturers have been at this for decades now, with some strumpet stretched over the bonnet in a suggestive, "if you buy this car, then you could have me" pose.

Magazine publishers are also onto the same wheeze, with most front covers adorned with again, semi-clad bint that has absolutely no relevance to the product in question. There are a number of gadget magazines here in the UK that every month mixes bikini's with cool toys (T3 and Stuff for example), and they are by no means in the minority.

This morning this spam popped into my inbox and ironically it wasn't the semi-naked lady that caught my attention but the subject line claiming remote <CFQUERY> processing for my CFML. Only when I opened up the email did I see the actual photograph in question. What has this got to do with CFML? Absolutely nothing.

Now as a member of this said demographic do I mind?

Well the political answer of course would be that I am completely appalled by this complete and utter disregard for the female form and this sort of depiction is demeaning to women and should be outlawed. But I would be lying! And you know what, I am not even sorry.

Personally I think women are the ones in charge. Have you ever witnessed booth babes work a crowd of geeks at a trade show? They are putty in their hands. We are obviously hardwired to enjoy the naked flesh, so my view is, why fight it!

I always felt there would be a market for a bold publisher that would produce a developers magazine in the PlayBoy theme; artistic female forms with the artistic Java code samples and strong editorial!


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