Add context signatures to your RSS at Blog-City

We've recently added a couple of new options for our outgoing RSS feeds.

People are realizing that more and more of their traffic is originating via their RSS feeds, from services like Google Reader, BlogLines and what have you. These services suck in your feed and present the user with the list of items they haven't yet read, or only the items that they filter on. This means that a large proportion of your site is unknown to these users, as they only get to see the most recent items.

We had a thought on how we could address this balance and give readers an insight into your blog's rich content.

We've added in an optional RSS signature that will insert a small list of relevant related articles, from your site, based on your tag selection. This then gives the reader some more context, or options after they read your article.

In addition to this, we've added the option for you to leave a quick link to direct them straight to your comments for quicker feedback.

To enable these options, login to your Administration area, and goto "Settings" -< "RSS Options" and leave the rest to us.

This is available now to all Blog-City and related branded blogs.


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