The guilty "Road to Hell" purchase

I have recently found an old album that has brought back some memories.  Way back in 1989, a fresh faced, 16year old leaves home and heads off to the big bad city to enter the world of his university education.   Having moved into the student residence and his very first grant cheque deposited into his first ever bank account, it was just a matter of time before a guilty pleasure was satisfied.

In the first week, after a hard(?) days worth of educating, I walked down the street in Paisley and happened into John Menzies.  I spotted an record I had liked the look of, and in a moment of weakness I handed over £12.99 for it.  Yes I recall the price perfectly, as it was burned into memory.  The reason?

I felt so guilty about buying a record with my grant money and got myself all worried that I may run out of money come Christmas time.  In my head I seen this record as a weeks worth of food.   I never told my parents - I was scared to!  On reflection, it was the best thing I could have done, as it made me very careful with my money from that point forward.

And what was the name of my guilty evil purchase?  Chris Rea's "The Road To Hell".  Ironic eh?

Funny that one of the tracks is "You must be evil"!  Needless to say I played the crap out of this album on my state of the art Goodmans record player.  I was determined to get my monies worth out of it.



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