Get 4 free months of Amazon EC2 24x7 hosting

Amazon EC2 is a great on-demand service for companies needing computing horsepower on a ad-hoc basis, with pricing starting at $0.10 per hour per instance. Sounds cheap doesn't it? But if you are running a 24x7 setup, then EC2 can work out significantly more expensive than a traditional web hosting company.

For example, running a small instance in the Amazon cloud for a full year will cost around $876. You also have to factor in the bill for bandwidth to that machine.

Amazon have realized that many of their EC2 customers are not that on-demand after all, and once an instance is running, it stays running for a long period of time. The dream of bringing servers up and down is still the domain of the very few.

Today Amazon have announced a new service called, "Reserved Instances", where by you can effectively buy a long term discount, and guarantee that the instance will be available to you.

So for a one-off payment of $325 you can reserve a small instance for a year, where by your hourly usage will only be $0.03 per hour, rendering you an overall yearly saving of approximately $288 -- or in other words, 4 months of free EC2 hosting!

The savings are even more dramatic when you look at their 3-year package or higher instances. For many companies this will be a major savings for them, and once again, bring the cost of cloud computing within the same price bracket as that of traditional web hosting operators.

Further details at Amazon Reserved Instances


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