Create your own 'free' Slingbox using Skype

Imagine, if you will, you are are away from home for whatever reason, and you are missing your favourite TV program being broadcast back at home. You can of course ask your loved one to record it for you, and you can then watch it upon your return. Or you could purchase a Slingbox at £159.

Seems an awful lot of money just to stream live TV to any location doesn't it?

Did you know you can do the same thing with Skype and a TV tuner card?

Go into your setup of Skype and for the Video calling, instead of selecting your web cam, select your TV tuner card. Next, goto the audio device selection and make sure you select the card or the source that your Tuner card is sending its sound through. Most likely it will be the default device, so you may not need to change this.

Next, register a new Skype account, as you want to be able to call yourself from afar.

You will require remote access to the machine, so when you call yourself, you can answer it and more importantly be able to change the TV channel. You can do this very easily using the free Real VNC server. If Skype could auto answer the incoming call you could dispense with the VNC step. At the moment I haven't figured a way to do that.

That's it. You now have complete, remote, access to your TV from anywhere in the world, at zero cost.

Free assuming of course you already have a TV tuner card. But should you not, then pick one up on eBay for pennies


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