Playing rebuy poker tournaments

This evening, for a wee change, I went and played in a rebuy in online poker tournament.  The tournament was a qualifier into a much larger tournament tomorrow ($300k) so it was worth a shot at only $3 buy-in.

Of late, I have been working my way up (and down) the step qualifiers in a bid to get a seat at the World Series.  So far, the best I have done is half way, which I am very pleased at.  The style of play is different from the normal poker you find at the money and Sit'n'Go tables but I find very enjoyable and satisfying.

So the Rebuy style was a different animal. In any other tournament once you lose your chips thats you out.  Game over. Go home.  This adds an extra tension to the game particularly when the game has been running for an hour or two.  Players think long and hard about plays that would potentially put them out.  In the rebuy style however, in the first hour, if you happen to lose your chips then don't worry, you can rebuy the initial stack again.  You can repeat this as many times as you want in the first hour.

Sounds great doesn't it?  I mean, if you make a bad call then you have a safety net to catch you.  Except its awful.  There is absolutely no skill involved in the tournament.  Every one just keeps going all-in as they attempt to grab as much chips as possible before the rebuy period is over.  The worse that happens is that they lose and have to buy back in again.

I had to give it up.  It was dull and with no strategy playing into it, it was doing my poker experience no good whatsoever.

If you are ever going to play the rebuy type of tournaments then be careful, you see players keeping topping up and before you know it, you've spent 10 times the initial buy-in and you are no better off. 

Stick to the normal poker tournaments and have yourself some fun. 


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