Rackspace wobbles but cloud remains

Even the traditional hosting methods are not immune to outages. Rackspace, who own, operate and manage the Mosso Cloud Servers, took a wobble yesterday with a brief outage to their main hosting data center due to a power problem. This is the second time in as many weeks, with some losing connectivity depending on which part of their data centre you were on.

Becky & Bob's Mardis Gras party - 20020914 - Bob fell over - DSC00148

It is unclear whether or not their cloud offering was effected but I can say, first hand, as we are running a number of instances on Mosso, that none of our monitoring processes flagged anything. So for at least some of us, we were unaffected.

Whether you are running in a traditional data centre, or within the cloud, it is vitally important you perform your own server monitoring for uptime and accessibility. Even if you just run a simple ping, or utilise a 3rd party service ( then make sure you have a means to which gauge if all is well in your external servers.

Keep an eye on your servers - no one else will.


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