Prague Cloud Computing Expo - core dump

Last week, we were in the depths of the Czech Republic at the Cloud Computing Expo. It was my first time to Prague and I have to confess to falling in the love with the place. A very clean, welcoming and inexpensive city to spend a few days in.

The show was thoroughly enjoyable and I met a lot of wonderful people. I also got to meet the infamous Sam Johnston, a prominent cloud advocate and speaker. A very decent and amicable fellow and I enjoyed our conversations together.

I ran the Cloud Boot Camp, a slightly fast paced version as I didn't have as much time allocated to me as I thought we had. It was good, lots of questions afterwards (strangely not during like the previous camps) but on the whole people were getting it. What I found interesting here was that this crowd were largely cloud virgins, where as previously, the attendees had some experience and wanted to improve their knowledge.

This is a good sign, as it shows the cloud message is starting to get out there and reach into new pockets. The Cloud Boot Camp will be coming to the US again in a few months, and with a number of boot camps now under our belts, we're going to rejig the format ever so slightly.

I sat on a lively panel discussion in the afternoon, with Sam, Guy Bunker from Symantec and Stephen Foskett from Nirvanix.

Prague Cloud Expo Boot Camp

Lots of good questions came out, for example "What is the best example of an application or service in the cloud?", and "Does cloud computing need virtualization?". The answers were colourful and varied. Disagreement reigned on the panel, but that is good, be awfully dull if everyone agreed.

Overall a great event. Well worth it.

I'll be speaking at the Gaming Scalabilty SIG event on July 9th, in London. There is a whole cloud track there with a number of great speakers coming along. It's a free event, so register early to get your place.


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