Listening to Police Scanners ... the modern way!

I wonder if the Police officers of New York City are aware that their conversations are being listened to, the whole way on the other side of the Atlantic through the wonders of I stumbled upon the police scanner station in my WinAmp radio browser by accident, and curosity lead me to listen to it. 35 minutes later, I find myself still listening! I don't know many of the places they are referring to, and only so often do they mention a place I recognise.

Some of this evenings highlights include:
  • Someone just arrested outside a hotel and they are escorting him out of the lobby now
  • Ran a check on a 1997 Pontiac SUV white, License plate ******, Virginia. Discovered his license was suspended
  • Seems to be a number of Command Posts, all referenced by number, Command Post#1, Command Post#2
Normal programming will be restored very soon!


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