Been thoroughly enjoying online Poker

The evils of online poker eh?  I am sure you've heard the horror stories.  Only natural.  When anything new enters the mainstream then the press love a good negative piece.  Although, there will always be those that are of weak of mind and body that will get addicted to anything, no matter what it is - doesn't mean we should all be tarred with the same brush.

Poker is a game of skill with a little luck rolled in for good measure.  It is not about the cards you get dealt, it is all about how you play the cards.  Big difference.

I've been playing poker on and off for years now, with 5 card stud being the game of choice.  The game in vogue this weather seems to be No Limit Texas Hold'em, which is a slightly different, but the hand strengths and betting are all the same.  We use to have a regular weekly game for coppers a couple of years ago, but as people move on and what have you the numbers soon dwindled to a point it wasn't worth it anymore.  Watching this years World Snooker Championship, which is now sponsored by got me thinking about poker again and how much I missed it.  So while watching the snooker online, I hopped over to to see what all the fuss about online poker was about.

I was nearly impressed.  The game play was either 6 or 10 seat table and the thing that struck me the most was the speed of it.  It was way faster online than in the flesh.  I played with the fake-money they give you and that really isn't representative of the play.  People will take much crazier bets when its not real money and the only thing it does for you is to learn how their software works.  I started reading some online reviews of some of the big boys of the industry and finally settled on, the biggest bunch of them all.

I deposited $50 and got my sign-up bonus of $25.  Lost it all fairly quickly.  Looking back on it now, I deserved to lose it all.  I was playing like a maniac and there was more excitement than sense.  Before depositing more funds, I did a bit of reading on the difference of online play from live-action play, reading some books in the process.  I topped up my account this time with $25, dropped to the 10c/25c tables and have never looked back.

When I reach $75, I cash out $50 leaving me with $25 playable funds.  This is more than enough for me to build it back up to cashing out status.  I have started playing the tournaments as well and these have been the most enjoyable.  Every night at 21:45, there is a $1 tournament, where by you get 3000 chips and if you finish in the Top200 you are assured at least a couple of dollars winnings, going up to $400 for the top table.  My wife and I will often sit together and play in a tournament, and for a huge investment of $1 (~60p) you can have yourself around 3-4hrs entertainment including a cash win at the end.  I am getting into the money about 70% of the time with my best finish being 18th out of 1700 players. 

If you don't fancy the long tournaments, you can try the Sit'n'Go tournaments.  This is usually a $6 buy-in (for 2000 chips) and its a single table of 10 people.  The top 3 players are in the money, with $10, $15, $25 prize pools.  Completely different game strategy than the normal money tables, but enjoyable.  I like to earn my entrance fee on the money tables before sitting down upon an evening.  Last night I finished second, netting me $9 clear winnings.

Last week, while I was out at California, some of the SpikeSource lads had a live-action game with a huge buy-in of $1.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and I got a chance to see if the online play had ruined my real play, and I was pleased to say it hadn't.  I won a massive tournament of $7!!! All good fun and looking forward to a rematch with them.

Assuming you don't have an addictive personality and can easily walk away from something, then I would definitely give online poker a whirl.  Its fun and can really get the adrenaline pumping at times. If you do want to give it a go, then click on the link here, and you will get $25 free signup bonus.  I will review the book about online playing later on.  But if you go online to PartyPoker, then look me up, my handle is blogcity.  See ya there.


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