BestBuy BlackBerry PlayBook Quest #fail

Yesterday we went to BestBuy in Richmond,VA, to look at the new Blackberry PlayBook. All excited we rushed into the store and quickly located the tablets.

The Motorola XOOM was there, but no PlayBook.

We asked one of the many oracles that walk the BestBuy isles dispersing such knowledgeable nuggets of wisdom.

"Can you tell us where you have the BlackBerry PlayBook?"

He was obviously taken back by this abrupt opening, as he hadn't got his customary "Can I help you?" opener delivered. We had short cut the system. But he proceeded to tell us that they didn't have any yet, not expected in until next week.


We started playing the XOOM, with our token iFanBoy of the party, noting how responsive it was compared to that other well known tablet in the market place.

While we were playing, another mythical blue shirted oracle popped up and managed to get in his opener of "Can I help you?", to which our we responded, we wanted to see the PlayBook and little disappointed we can't find one.

With glee, he declared our quest was not in-vein, for he knew where such tablets were located - "oh just pop over to the cellular area and you will see one".

Didn't need to tell us twice. Evidentially not all BestBuy Oracle's are the same. We abandoned the XOOM and rushed towards the hallowed ground.

Arriving at the cellular area we notice a very pretty young lady holding court (the prettyness of the lady adds nothing to the story but lets me paint a more rounded picture).

We ask her for the PlayBook, she smiles welcomingly, proclaiming, that we have indeed come to the right place, but sadly its under lock'n'key.

Well open it up dear heart, open the Pandorica!

Wasn't to be. The key holder had gone awol and was no where to be found.

So close we had come to laying our hands down on the scared tablet, but we were found wanting.

The quest continues.


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