Is sucking up all your bandwidth?

In the past month there, we have noticed a new BOT appear on the horizon, pertaining to be from Page-Store. As you can see from their site, they are a little light on detail and what on earth they are really going to be doing with all this data they are sucking up.

A number of other bloggers have noted this pattern also.

Looks like this is (good?) example of the new breed of companies that are utilizing the Amazon EC2 platform to create as many on demand servers as they need; sucking up blogs and sites from all over the internet. Thats all fine and dandy, except how do Amazon plan to deal with the fact that we may have to start denying IP addresses to certain rogue servers. This becomes problematic when the server reboots and Amazon allocates it a new IP address; a geniue service that picks up the old banned IP address for their Amazon Image has now been instantly blacklisted!

We at Blog-City are seeing a huge amount of collective traffic from these servers as they go after our user bases content. So we've decided to simply deny this BOT until we are told that they are indeed providing something good and worthwhile. There is much easier ways to get our public content - they just need to ask!


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