Future of CFML is at OpenCF Summit

I'm speaking at OpenCF Summit! I am very much looking forward to next months OpenCF Summit, that we are proudly co-sponsoring. I have been going through the various sessions I will be hosting. I will be co-hosting some with Alex Skinner and Matt Woodward and between the three of us, we'll be putting on quite the song'n'dance on all the cool stuff you can do with OpenBD.

For those of you still to witness the power of open source in the CFML world, be prepared to have your eyes truly and widely opened.

Our sessions are going to be very light on slides, but instead be packed with lots of hands-on code sessions and seeing stuff work there and then. I will also be taking a session on configuring for extreme scale. When I talk about extreme scale, I refer to the billions not the millions of requests. We'll go through real live scenarios and we'll share some secrets of some of the biggest OpenBD installations in production today.

In addition, we'll also be announcing some new cool stuff for OpenBD.

We are also going to through what open source means to you, the CFML developer and deployer. Blow away any misconceptions or miscommunications you have may been told and how open source can really benefit your organizations productivity as well as its bottom line. We will show you how to contribute back and reap the benefits of true community spirit.

Can you really afford NOT to come along to Dallas for a few days? Register today, you won't regret it.


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