OpenBlueDragon: The Manual

One of the things that we've been missing as a project, is good solid documentation. We've relied too much in the past on 3rd party websites. Late last year we started on the initiative to embed tag and function documentation inside of our source code, so we could easily produce accurate and readable CFML Docs in much the same way as Java has their JavaDocs.

We've just released the next phase, which covers more than just tag and function definitions:

The idea of this manual is to be a one-stop resource for all things CFML and OpenBD. As our community grows and the number of new people coming to CFML increases, we can never have too much documentation.

We need more though. As you will see, we're just starting out on this journey, so we need contributions. If you have ever written a HowTo, Tutorial, Blog or even email on how to use a given CFML feature, then please consider donating it to the OpenBD project so others can learn from your wisdom.

Our manual is shipped with every WAR file release (updated in the nightly build) and every page you contribute will be personally attributed to you. So please help us educate a community of new developers and bring more people to our beautiful language. Even I have forgotten some of the cool stuff CFML can do.

We're collating pages now, so keep an eye on our @OpenBlueDragon twitter feed for updates to the manual.

Any input you can give, then please, throw the words to us and we'll edit/format and include them. Thank you.


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