Small update on OpenBD 2.0 progress

Usually around this time, we would be releasing a new version of OpenBD, our Java CFML runtime engine. However, we've decided to hold back for a wee bit while we complete some areas so we can release officially bringing us up to 2.0.

We are going from 1.4 (nightly build states 1.5) up to 2.0 because we've done significant work with both our Desktop Development Server version and the Google App Engine integration. The GAE branch merge has been challenging but we've done it, and once we have ironed out all the remaining open issues, this is when we'll be making a release.

As it stands, this will be our biggest single release with over 150 additions to this release compared with 1.4. That is not including all the Google App Engine work. Lots of new and exciting features coming up, including a huge step forward in performance and overall memory usage. I will do more of a round up when we actually do the release.

This past week we've released some interesting new additions. We've replaced our JSON library, that is now giving us blindingly fast parsing results for large JSON blocks. DeserializeJSON() gives the biggest gain. For example, a rather nasty test JSON packet with lots of complicated child structures took 1300ms before hand, is now parsing in under 25ms, complete with a lot less memory being used.

In addition, if you are parsing JSON from files, you can now pass in a file handle (or even URL with http://) to DeserializeJSon() and it will parse the JSON on the fly as it streams in, using no memory to buffer the whole package in the first place. This is a huge win for anyone consuming remote webservices that kick back JSON as its result.

d = DeserializeJSON( file="http://domain/services?some=query&param=value" );

We've taken opportunities to do some performance tuning on a number of areas within the code base reducing the amount of memory we are consuming per request. Tests are showing us that OpenBD scales extremely well to large volumes of concurrent requests, which historically, it always did. It just does it even better now! Andy has done beautiful work in the core scripting piece, squeezing out even more.

This upcoming release is also the first to include significant contributions from the community with lots of patches and additions coming from a whole host of excellent people. People like Peter Farrell, Matthew Woodward, Randy Johnson and the team at aw2.0 to name just some of them.

The nightly build is the latest and greatest so be sure to go and grab it and give it a whirl. If you are new to CFML or OpenBD then download our desktop GUI, you will be running as soon as the download is finished, its that fast.


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