Have a happy new CFML year as OpenBD 2.0.2 is released

Good year to you all. As a way to kick start 2012, we're proudly released 2.0.2 of our extremely popular open source GPL CFML engine, OpenBD.

Do not let the small dot release fool you into thinking this release doesn't have punch. We've added a number of new features here that we believe will take the CFML developer to a whole new world of possibilities.

  • SocketConnect()
    This function will open up the world of TCP networking to the CFML developer, allowing quick and easy access to remote TCP servers sending and receiving data without any of the fuss.
  • SocketServerStart()
    Ever wanted to run you own server? Maybe emulating an email server, or IRC server or even your own custom protocol. SocketServerStart() lets you host your own server applications, defining a CFC that will manage each connected client allowing you to interact with one or more. All within CFML.
  • StructListNew()
    This is a brand new data type that has been added to the core CFML language that enables you to better manage your structures. This creates a Linked Structure, that maintains the order of insertion as well as defining a maximum number of elements to hold before the eldest one is rotated out.
  • SpreadSheetQueryRead()
    An addition to the family of the spreadsheet functions, this very handy function lets you read a particular sheet from a spreadsheet file into a CFML query object. This was possible before using the CFSPREADSHEET tag.
  • SpreadSheetQueryWrite()
    The sister of the SpreadSheetQueryRead() is of course the ability to write out a query back to a given spreadsheet sheet.
  • QueryAddRow()
    QueryAddRow() got a major feature update by allowing you to seed your row with data from the incoming structure. You can even pass it in an array of structures to build up a complete query object in one go. Very handy when dealing with MongoDB or JSON type interactions.
  • CFHTTP memory improvement
    CFHTTP tag got an update that lets you download very large files from remote servers without consuming any valuable server memory, including unziping at the same time.
  • ...and not forgetting
    CFINCLUDE has been updated with the 'runonce' support. GetApplicationMetaData() added to return information about the current application. this.datasource and this.customTagPaths support added to the application setup. Plus a whole host of small bugs cleared out.

As usual, we'd like to thank our very active OpenBD community who are just a dream set of people to work and interact with. We build and maintain the engine for those that want to make a difference in the world and enrich all those around them. Open Source is about collaboration, listening and helping and all pulling together for everyone's benefit.

I'm speaking at OpenCF Summit! We're proud to announce that we're sponsoring OpenCF Summit for the second year running. Come along to Dallas in Feburary and get involved in the development of CFML. We'll be running a number of sessions, including running CFML at extreme scale (on and off clouds), best practices and a session on contributing directly to OpenBD engine.

For the latest release of OpenBD head over to: OpenBD and grab the 2.0.2 release today.


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