Why get involved with open source?

Why get involved into open source? That was the question posed to me by Naveen Bala from when she interviewed me for an article that has just been published.

I was only but one in a group of open source contributors that offered their views on various questions but I found their answers to be fascinating. While we all work in different projects at different levels, the core message was somewhat the same; you get out of open source what you put in.

We're currently looking for a Java developer to come and join us in a junior role. We've been receiving lots of resumes from graduates and it amazes me how little open source exposure they have, particularly for people looking to carve out a career in software engineering.

When I talk about exposure I mean real basics. Even the ones that laiden up their resume with buzzwords, they couldn't even tell you that JBoss or Tomcat, that they proudly listed, was in actual fact an open source project.

If you are really serious about a career in software engineering, then I believe it is prudent that you do a little research and discover the attitudes and trends about the very industry you wish to conquer.

I get encouraged when I see recruitment sites, such as, that have a positive view and highlight the opportunities that the open source world can offer. It isn't all hell and brinstone, and Richard Stallman. It is a huge body of people that are all working together, pulling their resources to move projects forward.

So if you haven't got into open source yet, then jump in, the water feels great.

Read the article here.


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