Ooops I done it again ... won another tournament

Last night, after a wonderfully hot shower (after a rather disappointing game of football), I climbed into bed and fired up Party Poker to play a few hands as we watched the television.  Was doing very well on the money tables, having doubled my original stake.  But I lost it all after missing out on a diamond flush by one card.  3 diamonds on the table, and I was hold Q9 diamonds.  The chap beside me was doing a lot of checking and only raised me once.  I then went all-in and he managed to produce a KT diamonds, giving him a much better flush.  Very rare you lose to hands like that.  Oh well, it was only $5.



While that was happenning I had started a tournament and things were going much better there. Never took the chip lead that often, but the table was fairly tight after the 2 or 3 maniacs got knocked out.  Crawled my way to the top 4, and then it was all very conservative play with no one playing a hand.  I started playing some cards, K9, Q9 etc but these were going no where and simply ended up giving a stack of chips to my opponents.

Then it came down to the last 3 and the blinds where right up so we were passing blinds between us for a few rounds.  Took out my second chip guy with a flush draw, leaving me with 2:1 in favor with my last opponent.  This is where my skills are getting better; I played the same style before, playing 2 out of every 3 hands and forcing the weaker player to either fold or play.  They can't afford to fold too often as the blinds will simply eat away at their chip count.  It wasn't long before he was down to just 164 chips and had no choice but to go all-in, sadly his 77 wasn't enough to beat my 88 77 double pair.

One more tournament chalked up, completely wiping out the $5 loss suffered at the money table early in the evening. 


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