Norah Jones tonight at Glasgow

Tonight, we are going up to see Norah Jones play in Glasgow. We went to see her a couple of years ago, and she was brilliant. That was the night we were introduced to a great support act, Amos Lee. Norah even came out and setup for him. He sang this song, "Arms of a woman" and we were hooked. The rest of his first album is full of beautiful songs and his second album did not disappoint.

The chances of making this gig are very high; feel in full health and no sniffles or tummy aches are around!

Post Gig notes

Well we made it in plenty of time and had a wonderful dinner before hand. The support act was a chap called "M Ward" who did very little to impress. He first came out, with Norah Jones and sang a couple of uninspiring songs and it was clear that Norah was carrying him at this point. He was using his acoustic guitar for a lot of his numbers and would lay down tracks and have them played back as he played on with another tune. So he would build up a whole melody with just one guitar. Impressive; had he got it right! On two occassions he stopped playing and even put the guitar down and the music continued playing. The last time it happenned he just walked off the stage without turning to thank the audience. No Amos Lee.

Norah came on and started off with a very very slow version of 'Come away with me' that was very well done and then continued on with pretty much everything from her last album including a wonderful version of her 'Election Day'.

She is doing a very intensive tour, so I am quite sure the poor woman doesn't know the day of the week let alone where she actually is in the world. The amount of audience interaction was way down compared to the last time we seen her and she not once made reference to the location. Felt a little generic as if they were just going through their normal routines.

Apart from the support act, it was a fantastic concert and well worth it. Will definitely book tickets to see her again should she come around to these parts again.


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