After all that we didn't get to see Runrig

After nearly a year of waiting, when the big day actually does arrive, we didn't get to see Runrig afterall. Last week was a bad one for our family, with everyone going down, one after another, with a stomach virus that ensured plenty of vomitting. I had thought (hoped?) I had dodged it all, but come Saturday evening, everything I had in the last 24hours presented itself!

However, before that big discussion on the white porcelain, we had decided not to go up. The reason was quite simple, it had rained non-stopped the whole day, with the weather forecast showing that it was going to rain for the rest of the night. Our drive back from Glasgow to Helensburgh, we were met with a huge amount of flooding on the road and felt comfortable that our age, standing in the middle of a field, getting soaked to watch a band, was something best left to star struck teenagers.

I had also this fear that the parking was going to be a nightmare. After all, it was going to be a field. If you have ever come out of a concert from the SECC at Glasgow with its modern car park and quick access to the motorway, you know you can still be in there for an hour. So you can imagine what its going to be like coming out of a single gate field down a single carriage way road.

I did find a post from someone that did manage to go and they confirmed that it did indeed rain continually and, although the concert finished at 11pm, people were still getting out of the carpark at 0115am! Side stepped a nightmare there.

I am sure the music would have been good, but looking back on it, I wouldn't have made it anyway, and only had to make the long journey home, trying not to vomit out the side of the car.


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