Windows 3.1 on a Nokia N810

Spotted this rather unique project this morning, utilising the latest Nokia N810 tablet as a host to run the forerunner to today's modern Microsoft Windows.

John Mayson has managed to get Windows 3.1 running within the N810, by utilising the popular DosBox PC emulator project. Very impressive, yet not too sure the actual use of it.

Although, looking at it, the interface doesn't look too bad within the N810 environment. I find it amusing somewhat, that the amount of money required to purchase the desktop computer to run this environment back in its day ran into the thousands of pounds, where as now, we are getting more processing power, in the palm of our hands, in an emulator no less!

If you are wanting to see some real funky emulation then check out the JPC Project that has built a complete x86 emulator in Java that even runs within an applet!

They have gone a couple of steps further. Not only can you run DOS programs, but they have managed to get a full Linux operating system running. A full Linux, inside an applet inside your browser!! Just take a moment and ponder that proposition.

Got to love the world of virtualization


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