Watching Live Snooker using the Nokia N800

Anyone resident within the UK borders will know only too well how rich a resource the BBC web site is, especially when it comes to sports tournaments. Any major tournament they cover, you generally get all the coverage streamed live on the web instead of waiting until they schedule it on the TV.

Being a big snooker fan, I am glued to the world championship at the moment. Normally this would mean me occupying the family television or sitting at the desktop. Not any more!

Through the wonders of the Nokia N800, I can easily move around the house and keep the snooker with me where ever I go. It proved its worth on Sunday afternoon, while watching a movie with the family, I could discretely keep an eye on the excellent Steve Davis vs. John Parrott match.

Streaming RealAudio video was no problem for the N800's inbuilt media player. Quality was crisp and clear. It would pause and stutter a little when pushed into full screen mode. The battery life was excellent; giving me a full 3 hours of full on streaming/network/full screen action (using all the power hungry features at once).

Viva N800 and Viva the BBC


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