Pairing the Stowaway keyboard with a Nokia N800

Yesterday evening I ordered a new Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard to go with my Nokia N800. I ordered this on recommendation from a number on the mailing list that this keyboard worked flawlessly without any problems. Ironically, after receiving it, I noted it was the same one that I had many years ago for my iPAQ, except it had a docking station.

It arrived this morning in record time and once I got through the packaging tried to pair it with the N800. No joy.

After a little Google'ing around I discovered this post that had a number of people with the same problem but thankfully a few helpful souls gave the steps.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Goto the Control Panel of your N800 and select the 'Generic' keyboard in the hardware keyboard setting
  2. Goto the Bluetooth panel of your N800 and search for new devices.
  3. Assuming it finds the Stowaway keyboard, it will ask you to pair it
  4. Now, note the passcode number as you are about to type it on the keyboard
  5. Click OK on the N800, and then on the keyboard, hold down CTRL+FN keys and type in your passcode
  6. The N800 should now respond saying its paired

Make sure you get the order correct, as that tripped me up a number of times.

It's a great keyboard and works fast with the N800, allowing me to rattle out many an email and also SSH into my servers.


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