Mercedes Benz is stalking me

Ever since spotting the TV advert for the new C class on television in Spain, I was immediately intrigued. I promptly went online and had their brochures sent to me. This was back in June.

The brochures came and I was hooked. Unfortunately for us here, the nearest dealership is 60miles away, so popping into to see one in the flesh was going to have to wait. A few weeks ago, I spotted one in the car park of LegoLand and my cousin and I proceeded to pour over it, and I am sure, anyone looking on would have thought we were trying to steal it.

Yesterday, I finally gave up, citing that should I be in the area I will pop in, but I will have the brochures sit there and taunt me no more. They went into the recycle bin. Andy witnesses this.

This morning I open the post and what do I find? Not one, but TWO sets of brochures from Mercedes Benz for their new C class!

At this point I am not too sure if I should throw these new brochures away; somebody somewhere is trying to tell me something.


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