Video Conference Woes with the Microsoft VX3000

Now that Skype has entrenced itself into my daily working day, I have found myself video conferencing with a number of my regular callers. I had the standard Logitech "golf ball" webcam which proved very durable and done its job. I thought I was content.

That was until I had a video conference with Andy and noticed not only was his image very clear and of a much higher resolution, but it also moved! The camera tracked where his head was, and moved accordingly, either zooming in or moving the area of focus. Not only did it look very cool, but it also made it a lot more interesting to watch. I had to have one.

I popped over to Amazon, ordered the Microsoft VX3000 model (one below Andy, which was a complete error on my part grrrr) and it promptly arrived a few days later. Good value at only £22; damn hardware is so cheap this weather.

All excited I cracked opened the box eager to plug in. There was a huge dirty label on the USB end warning you to install the software before plugging it in. Phew, I thought, side stepped some headache there. MMmm, had it only also said "PLEASE REMOVE ALL LOGITECH DRIVERS FIRST" then I would have had a couple of hours saved from my life.

Everything went well until I had to reboot the machine as a result of Microsoft's latest slew of updates yesterday. Then the troubles began.

First off, the VX3000 was not being recognized. Even plugging it in and out made no difference. Ooh.

Quick search on the t'internet revealed that the drivers were indeed conflicting with one another and going to the Device Manager would quickly resolve that by removing the Logitech ones.

Except, when I go to the Device Manager, its completely blank! "Oh thats not good" thought to myself.

More t'interneting revealed others with the same fate. Dell's official answer was to re-install Windows! Well that was definitely not on the cards. Then I happenned upon an excellent site for all manners of Windows woes,

Found the thread that had my problem and after some registry hacking, the Device Manager burst back into life, without any rebooting required.

Once the offending Logitech driver was removed, the VX3000 burst into life and every is well again in the world.



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