The LegoLand Report

This weekend, we took the family down and spent a couple of days at LegoLand in Windsor. We got ourselves a package that included 2 day park access and a night at the local Mariott. We arrived Saturday lunch time, with the sun beating down on us. The children were excited and even the drive into the park, there are lots of Lego models building up the "Welcome" sign.

The park is definitely themed around Lego - no escaping that. The attention to detail was fantastic, with Lego models at every turn, up tree's, behind bushes, underneath stones, everywhere. This gave the kids something to look for as they walked between the various areas.

LegoLand at Windsor, is built on a hill, but they manage to work that in relatively well without the feeling that you are always go up or down one. Unlike DisneyWorld, LegoLand is geared towards young children, with them able to participate in everything. Even our youngest, 1year old, had lots to do with always a big pile of Lego/Duplo bricks never being far away. Climbing frames and big play areas were never too far away, and all the rides were not of a level that had you worried for your pace maker.

That being said, LegoLand could learn a lot from the likes of Disney, especially in terms of their ride management. The queue's were long with no provision to short cut them. Disney implement what they call a FastPass system. This let you book up to 4 rides (if memory serves me right) in advance, allowing you to turn up at the appointed time and go straight on effectively. There was a couple of rides that basically ate up our afternoon while we waited. Not really sure the best advice on how to skip the queue, except maybe try it on a rainy day!

I just been told that they do implement a Priority Pass system, but this is more expensive. You jump the queue by going to the Exit of most rides. This wasn't obvious to me I have to confess.

Another black mark against them, was the fact that not all the rides were free. There was a number of rides you had to pony up more money for and at a £5 per person, that soon added up, especially if you are with a group of 6 children. For example, face painting, gold panning and bungee jumping were some activities that caught the attention of our group.

Drinks and food were not in-expensive nor expensive - just hurt about enough. Ironically, a bottle of coke was actually cheaper than water! Granted, it has been a number of years since I lived down south, but I don't remember water being that rare a commodity. Best advice is to swing by a Tesco and bring in your own food and drinks.

LegoLand wouldn't be LegoLand without a big ass shop at the end and since the boys had saved up their money, they were allowed to go wild as it were.

At the end of the day, it was a trip for the kids and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and talked about it the whole way up the road. Which was fortunate, since we got stuck in the M40 hell that happenned on the Sunday which added a few hours to the journey.

So, would I recommend LegoLand? Most definitely.


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