Is Lego the most durable substance known to man?

The school holiday seems to have gone so fast this year, with next week being the last week my two wee cherubs are at home. So this weekend, we're going down to Windsor to spend a couple of days at LegoLand.

To say they are both excited would be an under statement. They have been talking about nothing else for weeks now, and with Lego being their favourite toy, its like Christmas! I have to confess to enjoying Lego myself when I was a kid. Its kinda funky to see my three boys play with the same 25 year old big box of Lego that I did at their age.

Only as a parent, do you begin to appreciate just how robust and tough these little bricks really are. Just how many times can a single piece of Lego cycle around box / carpet / hoover / outside-gravel / dog! and still click together with no problems?

So, while I pretend I am going down for the sake of children, I am really dying to get a nose around the place myself!

Viva le Brick!


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