JavaOne 2007 - Is it worth it?

As you may or may not be aware of, Sun is gearing up for the annual Java fest that is known as JavaOne. Pitched up in the Moscone center, San Francisco, this week along event brings all the big knobs (quaint British term) of the Java world together under one roof.

I have been to many a JavaOne in the past and there is no doubt, it is quite a show. Also a nice way to rub shoulders with those "names" you see so often in the news, forums and blogs (Yes, it has been rumored that even Hani-the-BileBlog has frequented this event once or twice. Hell come to think of it, even Mr TSS Joe Ottinger has been spotted wandering the halls)

I wasn't planning on going this year, until Sun offered me a press pass (which was very kind of them). A press pass is pretty much like a normal conference pass, except we get a special room to go and sit in and be waited on by very helpful event organizers, complete with oodles of food and drink on tap.

As of this moment, I am not sure if I will be going as I have no real business reason to fork out the travel+hotel+nibbillies (which from this side of the world isn't a skip and a hop). You see, if your company is paying for all your expenses, then of course the conference is worth it. The majority of conferences are worth it if it is truly free to you. But what if you had to spend your own money to go there? Would you be as carefree at the hotel bar? Would you book yourself into the 'W'?

Just what would a conference have to offer to justify around $3,000 of your own money to attend (of course you have the price of the conference pass on top of that). Then there is the time out from your normal work schedule and away from family. So it all adds up.

There is no doubt that if there was any conference that could possibly justify itself it would be JavaOne. The problem for us Europeans is that it is just too god damn far away! Literally on the other side of the planet! What of my carbon foot print?!? (LOL sorry I laugh at myself sometimes with some of the stuff i come out with!)

But a lot can happen between now and then, so I will keep my options open.


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