Single Java class for accessing GoGrid

I have been using GoGrid's cloud computing platform now quite intensively, and while they rave all about their fancy GUI, personally I am not a big fan of it. Its a little slow and unresponsive and way too many clicks to actually get anything done.

Fortunatly GoGrid do publish an API that lets you get at all their controls through a REST based web service. This lets you create your own calls and get moving with it very quickly.

To make life easier for those that just want to use the API and not worry about all the marshalling in and out of the data I have packaged up a single Java class that you can use to control your GoGrid account. Being a huge believer in no-fuss software, this is a single class, that you are free to drop into anything, with no dependencies. Based upon the java class GoGrid published, I added in all their API calls to single Java method calls, and demarshalled all the XML coming back.

To use their API you have to first goto their administration console and register a API key, and what permissions that key will have. Once you have that, you can then use the GoGridClient() java class.

GoGridClient gg = new GoGridClient( apiKey, secret );
List results = gg.getImageList();

All the public methods of this class map directly to the GoGrid REST API, returning back List's and Map's of all the data. All very straight forward.

So if you are using GoGrid then give it a try. GoGrid give you a $50 free credit, so you can play about with their system at no cost.

I will be looking at GoGrid in great depth at the upcoming San Jose Cloud BootCamp - be sure to get yourself along.



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