Linux iptables - Pocket Reference

The popular firewall and routing utility, iptables, can be a beast to configure at times.  In many respects, there is too much help available for it, with lots of miss information floating around the Internet in various forums and mailing lists. 

Setting up iptables is relatively simple when you only have a single point of entry, but starts to get a little more involved when you have multiple network adapters and interfaces.  This is generally when the online help starts to fall down.

I wanted some good bedtime reading to get my head around the wonders of iptables and understand why some of the stuff I was using was actually working and why some of it wasn't.  Did a little searching on Amazon and came upon what has turned out to be a little gem of a book from O'Reilly.

The Linux iptables - pocket reference book is a small affair but packs an almighty punch in terms of setting the record straight.  I found a number of nuggets I had never knew, including the ability to look for string patterns within TCP packets and route them accordingly.  It is well laid out and doesn't spend a lot of time in page filling.

I picked up my copy on Amazon Second hand section, resulting in a huge price of £2.50!  Can't say better than that. 


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