Open BlueDragon Steering Committee Interview Series - Jordan Michaels

In our continuing series of interviews with the Open BlueDragon Steering Committee, it is my honor to introduce Jordan Michaels to you.

What would you say is your biggest contribution to the CFML community?
Right now, I believe my largest contribution would be in helping to shape one of the leading CFML hosting companies available. I also plan on doing everything I can to evangelize the OpenBD effort, which I believe will benefit the CFML community greatly.
You are responsible for hosting CFML apps, what challenges does that bring?
I would say that the primary road block in hosting CFML apps would be consistently having to justify the cost of CFML to customers. Even CFML enthusiasts who understand the benefits of CFML find the cost of a CFML engine hard to swallow some times - not to mention bringing in new customers to it.

One of our Vivio's primary efforts as a hosting company has been to bring the cost of CFML hosting down to something manageable, while still giving clients all the power and support they need to get the job done.

We've leveraged the cost-savings of Linux heavily for this, and our initial partnership with NewAtlanta for BlueDragon hosting really sealed the deal on Vivio's ability to do that. I believe the OpenBD effort is *exactly* what was needed to breath new life into the CFML community, and help it continue to grow.
Is the demand for CFML hosting growing or shrinking?
From what I've seen, I believe it's still growing, but not nearly as fast as I would like to see it grow, or as fast as some of the other development languages out there. Again, I believe the OpenBD effort will help this greatly.
Do CFML developers get the issues with clustering? Or should they not have to worry about it?
I'm not certain what you're asking for with this question, but I'm in favor of making clustering as simple as possible for developers. The more that can be done "by default", the better.
Why does Open BlueDragon interest you?
I believe Open BlueDragon is the key to bringing the benefits of the CFML language to the general public. With OpenBD we can finally get past the mental block of "It costs money." and on to more important things like ease of use, small learning curve, and all the other benefits that come with the CFML language.
What are you hoping to bring to the Steering Committee?
As part of the OpenBD Steering Committee, my primary goal is to be the voice of hosting companies, as I believe their buy-in will be key to CFML adoption by the general public. I also hope to be a big part of evangelism, ensuring (and contributing to) ease of use, and assisting with it's presentation and perception by the public.
What one thing would you like to change about CFML?
I want to change how the general public regards CFML. I want to break down the mental blocks that have built up over the time that CFML has been a paid-for only server, and change it into a solution that the general public will see as something that can truly help them - just as it has always been.
Your development environment of choice?
CFEclipse running on Ubuntu. ;)
Looking ahead 12months, what needs to happen before we can claim Open BD a success
I predict OpenBD will be a success as soon as it is launched! There is so much anticipation around this product already, and everyone I've talked to about it is excited about it.

Still, looking ahead, I'd like to see OpenBD being included by default as a value-add service by several large names in the hosting industry - besides Vivio Technologies of course.

Contact Jordan @ jordan.michaels@openbluedragon.org


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